Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 30, 2009

Location: Fairhaven, Bristol County, MA, US
Observation date: 5/30/09
Notes: Cormorants and great egrets nesting on Angelica Rock.
Number of species: 61

Canada Goose 10
Mute Swan 2
Gadwall 2
Mallard 12
Common Eider 2
Common Loon 3
Double-crested Cormorant 25
Great Blue Heron 1
Great Egret 2
Snowy Egret 1
Osprey 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1
Red-shouldered Hawk 1
Red-tailed Hawk 1
Semipalmated Plover 2
Black-bellied Plover 1
Killdeer 2
Spotted Sandpiper 1
Willet (Eastern) 5
Ruddy Turnstone 8
Least Sandpiper 1
Short-billed Dowitcher 6
Herring Gull 12
Great Black-backed Gull 8
Common Tern 1
Rock Pigeon 2
Mourning Dove 3
Yellow-billed Cuckoo 1
Chimney Swift 3
Ruby-throated Hummingbird 1
Red-bellied Woodpecker 1
Downy Woodpecker 2
Northern Flicker 1
Willow Flycatcher 2
Great Crested Flycatcher 1
Red-eyed Vireo 1
Blue Jay 2
American Crow 6
Tree Swallow 1
Northern Rough-winged Swallow 1
Barn Swallow 4
Tufted Titmouse 2
Carolina Wren 1
American Robin 7
Gray Catbird 3
Northern Mockingbird 1
Cedar Waxwing 9
Blue-winged Warbler 2
Yellow Warbler 8
Pine Warbler 1
Blackpoll Warbler 2
American Redstart 1
Common Yellowthroat 6
Eastern Towhee 1
Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow 7
Song Sparrow 2
Northern Cardinal 2
Red-winged Blackbird 9
Common Grackle 8
Brown-headed Cowbird 5
American Goldfinch 4
House Sparrow 2

May 9, 2009

North American Bird Watch open at the Bay Club

Well in spite of an otherwise typical May crappy day here on the coast, we had 57 species for the North American Bird Watching Open. Results as follows: Great Blue Heron, Canada Goose, Mallard,Wild Turkey, Killdeer, Herring Gull, Mourning Dove, Chimney Swift, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Kingbird, Blue Headed Vireo, Red eyed Vireo, Blue Jay, American Crow, Fish Crow, Tree Swallow, Northern Rough winged Swallow, Barn Swallow, Black Capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, White breasted Nuthatch, Winter wren, Golden Crown Kinglet, Eastern Bluebird, Veery, Wood Thrush, American Robin, Grey Catbird, European Starling, Blue Winged Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Northern Parula, Yellow Warbler, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Pine Warbler, Black and White Warbler, Ovenbird, Common Yellowthroat, Scarlet Tanager, Chipping Sparrow, Eastern Towhee, Field Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, Red Winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, Brown Headed Cowbird, Baltimore Oriole, Purple Finch, House Finch, Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch, House Sparrow. ALso A Grey Tree frog and A Green Frog! I would Like to thank those whose Participated, Betty Parker, Wendy Stearns and her Husband, Jean Eagle, Kathy and Ed Marten,and especially Jerry and Elaine Berrier for travelling all the way from Shrewsbury to be part of the count. Jerry's presence and expertise are truly appriciated. I look forward to next years event and hopefully better weather! Michael

April 19 , 2009

Gooseberry/Allen's Pond

Brant , Canada Goose, Mallard, Northern Shoveler, Common Eider, scoter species, Bufflehead, Red-breasted Merganser, Red-throated Loon, Common Loon, Horned Grebe, Northern Gannet, Double-crested Cormorant, Great Cormorant, Great Blue Heron, American Oystercatcher, Purple Sandpiper, Ring-billed Gull, Herring Gull, Great Black-backed Gull, Mourning Dove, Northern Flicker, Eastern Phoebe, Tree Swallow, Barn Swallow, Gray Catbird, Song Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, Common Grackle, Brown-headed Cowbird, American Goldfinch, House Sparrow

December 14, 2008

Cumberland Farms Fields - Four leaderless birders saw American Crow, Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, American Goldfinch (M/F), Carolina Wren (heard), Song Sparrow, Horned Lark (hundreds), Northern Harrier (juvenile), Red-tailed Hawk (two or three, one interacting with a N. Harrier in the air), Sharp-shinned Hawk, Black-capped Chickadee, American Robin, White-throated Sparrow, American Tree Sparrow, Red-winged Blackbird, juv. White-crowned Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow. Plus many LBBs

December 6, 2008

Scusset Beach --

Common Loon, Red Throated Loon, side by side comparison, RAZORBILL close nice looks Eider, Scoters, Mergansers, Red Breasted, And Hooded, Red Tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Turkey Vulture,Horned Larks, Snow Buntings, Savannah Sparrow, Song and White Throated, Scoters, Surf and White Winged, GANNETS, Great Cormorants, Gulls, Black Backed, Herring, Ring Billed, Titmouse, Blue Jays, Carolina Wren, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Robins, KINGFISHER, plus others. Warm and sunny, nice morning!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birding survey at Bay Club. Mike led 4 other birders.--
Mallard,Bufflehead, Green-winged Teal, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Ring-billed Gull, Herring Gull, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch, Eastern Bluebird, Hermit Thrush, American Robin, Dark-eyed Junco