Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 6

Nasketucket Bird Club count--Mike LaBossiere, Pam Perry and me (the crazy rainsoaked team)

Saturday, January 6 -- Several "intrepid????" birders split up into two teams and scoured some of the conservation areas in Mattapoisett. These included the Munn Property, Nasketucket State Reservation, Eel Pond, the Martocci Property and the landfill.

One team stayed dry and had lots of coffee, the other team,, led by Pres. Mike, got drenched.

This is the day's tally:

(Note: this does not include the Atlantic Puffin reported by the supposedly "dry" team)

Great Blue Heron 1, Canada Goose 65, Black Duck 2, Mallard 5, Surf Scoter 19, Common Goldeneye 15, Bufflehead 25, Hooded Merganser 1, Red-br. Merganser 10, Northern Harrier 2, Ring-billed gull 23, Black-backed gull 2, Mourning Dove 8, Kingfisher 2,
Red-bellied Woodpecker 3, Downy 4, Hairy 2, Northern Flicker 1, Blue Jay 6, Crow 1, Chickadee 21, Titmouse 16, WB Nuthatch 2, Carolina Wren 3,Golden -crown Kinglet 6, RUBY-CROWN KINGLET 1,Herring Gull 22,HERMIT THRUSH 2,Robin 59,Catbird 2,Mockingbird, 1,Yellow-rump Warbler 3,YELLOW BREASTED CHAT 1,Cardinal 11,Tree Sparrow 1,Song Sparrow 6, White throat 14, Dark-eyed junco 43, Redwing Blackbird 3, House Finch 1, Goldfinch 10, House Sparrow 9

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