Monday, February 19, 2007

February 19, 2007

Bitterly cold with strong winds, but sunny.

Went to Weeden Road and walked around the bike path. Saw lots of ducks, mostly Mallards and Black Ducks, but about 6 female Hooded Mergansers and one male.

Then went to Mill Road. Just a few starlings.

Walked around Tinkham Pond a little...just Mallards.

After lunch spent 3 hours with Bill looking for eagles in Lakeville and Middleboro. Went to Tamarack, the Assawompsett School, the causeway near Island Terrace. Then at the causeway near the waterworks walked into the woods about 10 minutes and spotted the eagles far off. Drove to the intersection and walked about half an hour and crossed the causeway in the woods to an island. Finally saw two adult eagles putting on a display.

Pictures here

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